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The price of housing in July rises in nine communities

The price of the house rises in 24 provinces. The average price of the second hand square meter in our country amounts to 1.7000 euros in the month of July. The most uploaded: Catalonia and La Rioja. The most expensive, Basque country.

The month of July puts the average price of the house of second hand in Spain in €1,700 m2 and registers a monthly increase of 0.4%, according to data of the real estate portal Photocasa. This slight increase shows, another month, that the price of second hand housing is stabilizing and that we are leaving behind the great price drops we have attended in recent years.

With respect to the annual variation, the price of July 2017 increases 4.6% compared to last year and is the tenth consecutive annual increase. It is also the most charged interannual increase since May 2007 when the price increased by 5.4%.


“The recovery of the real estate market has been consolidated in the first half of the year and that is moving to prices.” To the demand for housing by foreigners, the internal one has been added thanks to the improvement of the economic context and the return of the financing. Everything points to the good economic forecast for what remains of the year will allow this revival of the real estate sector to be entrenched, although the recovery will be very uneven and go by zones, “explains Beatriz Toribio, head of studies at Photocasa.

The average price of second hand housing in Spain accumulates a fall of-42.4% since it recorded its historical maximum in April 2007 with €2,952. In this sense, 11 autonomous communities have fallen above-40% since they reached the maximum price ten years ago. Thus, La Rioja is the community that has seen the price drop (-56.9%), followed by Navarre (53.4%), Castilla-La Mancha (-51.6%), Aragon (-51.4%), Murcia (-49.9%), Asturias (-46.8%), Comunitat Valenciana (-46.1%), Cantabria (-43.2%), Catalonia (-42%), Madrid (-41.5%) and Extremadura (-41%).

The price increases in nine Autonomous Communities

Of the 17 autonomous Communities, in July the average price of second hand housing rises in nine of them. The most pronounced increase is produced in Catalonia and La Rioja, up 0.8% in both communities, followed by the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands (0.7%), Andalusia (0.6%) and Extremadura (0.5%).

At the other end, Navarre is the community that sees the price of second hand housing falling in July, in particular a-1%, followed by Galicia (-0.6%) and Castilla-La Mancha (-0.3%) and Murcia (-0.2%).

In terms of prices, the Basque Country is still the most expensive community in Spain, with an average price of €2,698 m2, followed by Madrid (€2,321 m2) and Catalonia (€2,240 m2). On the contrary, Castilla-La Mancha (€1,070 m2), Extremadura (€1,110 m2) and Murcia (€1,150 m2) are the communities with the prices of the second-hand housing more affordable.
24 Provinces increase the price

As for the evolution of the price of housing by provinces, in 24 of them are recorded price increases in monthly terms, with increments ranging from 1.5% of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Malaga followed by Badajoz and Cádiz (1.1%), Segovia (1%) and Barcelona and then (0.8%).

At the other end, 18 provinces descend the price. The most accused descent is produced in Zamora (-2%), followed by Pontevedra (-1.2%), Navarra and Cuenca (-1%), Seville (-08%) and Cáceres and León (-0.7%).

For its part, the price remains stable in 8 provinces: Valencia, Cantabria, Valladolid, Lleida, Salamanca, Jaén, A Coruña and Ourense.

Increase the price in 14 districts of Madrid and in eight of Barcelona

Of the 21 districts analyzed by Photocasa, 14 of them recorded price increases in the month of July. The districts of Madrid of Vicálvaro and center are the districts that register a higher price (3.1%) respectively, and they follow Salamanca (1.7%) and Barajas, which rises 1.4%. On the contrary, Ciudad Lineal is the district that registers the most acusad0 descent in the month of July, in particular makes it a-2.2%.

As for the districts with the highest and lowest prices in Madrid, Salamanca is the most expensive district in the capital to buy a house with a price of €4,817. It is followed by Chamberí (€4,631 m2), Chamartín (4.394 € m2), and Centro (€4,319 m2).

On the opposite side, Villaverde is the most economical district to acquire a second-hand home, with an average price of €1,503.

In the city of Barcelona, eight of the 10 districts analyzed by Photocasa increase the price in July. The biggest ascent is in Sant Andreu, with a rise of 5.4%. It is followed by the Nou Barris area, with a rise of 3.4%, and Sarrià-Sant Gervasi with 3.1%.
Les Corts and Ciutat Vella are the two districts that have suffered a decline in price, with a drop of a-0.8% and a-0.1% respectively.